Turbo Transfers (DTF)

    Our digital transfers are our newest technology and very sought after. This technique enables us to print multi color and gradient colors with no minimums t-shirt orders. We also sell transfers to other t-shirt makers on gang rolls. Please checkout out Transfer page if interested transfers to press at home.

    Turbo Transfers

    Screen Printing

    Screen Printing is has been around for thousands of years. This technique pushes ink through a mesh screen on to the fabric. Due to the setup process we do have a minimum of 100 pieces for a single color design as each color will require a screen. Dark colors shirts require an under base white ink. We specialize in orders of 100 or more or extreme volume. If you are needing less than 100 pieces we can still accomadate you by using our DTF printing technique. Pease reach out for a quote.

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    As long as the idea of fabrics have been around so has the idea of embroidery, we just do it a little different in the 21st century. Whether its hats, polos or bags, we have no minimum requirements for embroidery and prices are based on stitch count. We do require a digitized file but we can also create one for a fee. This file puts your art into stitch counts for the machine to read.

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    Banners and Yard signs

    Full color banner and yard signs are printed in house here as well. We also offer magnets for your business vehicle. Whether advertising a business or a family reunion, we got you covered!

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    Click on the link below to view blank apparel options and stock. The link below only shows a quarter of what Redline Print can get in stock. So if you do not see a brand/style that you're are interested in please reach out to us directly.

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